This class will dive into the major aspects of Basketball. This is tailored to the player that wants to learn more about the concepts and strategies used in the game of Basketball to improve their Basketball IQ and overall understanding of the game of Basketball. Also great for Coaches or anyone that wants to get into Coaching.

Example of 2 Hour Session (Example – 2-3 ZONE)

  • 40 Minutes – Introduction of 2-3 Zone Defense. Review responsibilities and coverage breakdown. Comes with Handouts and Diagrams and terms. Done at the whiteboard, video breakdown and discussion.
  • 40 Minutes – Walkthrough of defense and ways to attack the 2-3 zone and counters. Apply the Analytical knowledge to on-court understanding and use drills to improve skillset.
  • 40 Minutes – Real-time game experience through small games and 5 on 5 player development. Focus on the strategies and systems covered.


  • Elementary Basketball – grades 3rd and 4th (suggested)
  • Intermediate Basketball – grades 5th and 6th (suggested)
  • Advanced Basketball – grades 7th and 8th and High School (suggested)

Some of the Topics to be covered (not in order)

  1. 2-3 Zone
  2. Full Court Presses
  3. Breaking the Full Court Press 
  4. Man to Man Defense – Individual and Team Concepts
  5. Motion Offenses
  6. Screens and Cuts (One of my favorites)
  7. Rebounding – Box in, Out and Under, Protecting the ball and Outlet Passes
  8. Passing and Receiving – Footwork for both
  9. Individual defense
  10. Pick and Roll

* Note РYounger groups will start with things such as basic rules, concepts, positions and positioning as well as Court Layout and Violations. 

-Instruction given by Drive Basketball Academy Staff

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