After six amazing years, and with their children moving in different directions now that they are in high school, the South Bay Hustle’s board has decided to transfer the South Bay Hustle program. The board spent the better part of last year looking for a positive direction for the South Bay Hustle family. The focus was in creating an exciting transition that restores the original passion and commitment to our players and families. After evaluating many offers and programs, the South Bay Hustle board decided that West Valley Drive was a perfect fit.

The South Bay Hustle transition to West Valley Drive will retain existing South Bay Hustle coaches and teams while further developing the programs, increase team opportunities and grow deeper roots in the South Bay and Peninsula. When the transfer is complete, West Valley drive will field teams for grades 3rd – 8th offering several divisional levels. 

Cristene Miller President of South Bay Hustle said, “I wanted to preserve this amazing program that was built on camaraderie, the love of basketball and an unwavering focus on the kids. South Bay Hustle started with nothing and in six short years became a platform for the kids to develop and succeed. We built something amazing that was more like a family then a competitive league. With moving out of the area, and a personal shift to focus on my family and my son’s passion in football, I begin a search for an organization that was in line with my vision, passion for youth basketball, and my commitment to the players and families. I found all of this in West Valley Drive.”

Antonio High, Vice President and co-founder of South Bay Hustle said, “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for everything. The friendships, the camaraderie, through the rough times and the high points. This experience has made me a great coach and a better man. With that being said….. Hustle Hard!!” 

Toby Fisher President of West Valley Drive said, “It is an honor to be associated with such a great program as South Bay Hustle. Cristene brought together a group of amazing players and their families in building a youth basketball program that is second to none. South Bay Hustle is a perfect fit with our dedication to developing players, providing a fun and exciting basketball experience and making sure every young person who desires to learn and excel at the sport has that opportunity.”

During the transfer, select South Bay Hustle teams will continue through the fall season. Beginning Spring 2020 the full program will all ages and divisions will be open for registration. 

If your player is not currently rostered on a fall team, open practices for tryouts are being run on the following dates:


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