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West Valley DRIVE's Skills & Drills Training

We just wrapped up our first Skills & Drills Training Session !

This 5 week program was initially developed in response to the limitations imposed on all of us due to the pandemic.  It worked out really well so we might offer something similar to this again sometime!  It turned out to be a nice hybrid between small group/private training and regular basketball practice, giving players a lot of reps plus individual attention.  Keep an eye out in case we decide to offer a repeat!  Here's the synopsis of how we structured it this time:

This 5 week session is designed to help you prepare for the upcoming season as things start to reopen. 
Our goal is to help you get back into basketball shape, both mentally and physically!!

We will review many skills, starting with the basics.  

If these are new to you, that’s great! Pay attention because you will need these skills at every level!
If these skills are a review for you, then you know how important they are in everyday use on the court.  Use these reps wisely!

Each day we will have 1.5 hours together, for which we will provide an outline of the day's session.  This is for you to refer back to, as well as to start your own reference library of basic knowledge.  If you miss a day, please check the website, as we will post the session notes.  
We will focus on the following areas:

  • Conditioning
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Catching & Ball Transfer
  • Finishing
  • Cutting & Screening
  • Rebounding 
  • ….and

We look forward to a very fruitful 5 weeks.  Our wish is that your skill level and your love for the game will grow exponentially!!

Missed a session?

Download our Daily PRACTICE PLANS HERE!

Private & Small Group Instruction

Due to the pandemic, small group sessions have really taken off! 

Some of our coaches are available on their own time for small group and private instruction.

Until restrictions are entirely lifted, these fully customizable sessions are offered within the following parameters.

  • No contact between coaches & players
  • Coaches wear masks and keep a social distance at all times
  • Small groups between 2-10 are best (if you have a group in mind, bring us the whole group. If not and you are open to expanding your pod, we can try make up groups with other interested players)
  • Ongoing or a designated number of weeks
  • Location to be determined by your needs and local availability.  Some are being done at people’s homes, others at local parks and schools.
  • Pricing is set by the coach, may be negotiable and is paid directly to the coach.

If you are interested in setting up small group sessions please contact Toby at 619-302-8159 or Sandra at 650-954-8181 and we will connect you to one of our coaches!


West Valley Drive  
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